A Clearer Veil


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Slowly slowly the veil between the spirit world and that of our own is becoming more and more transparent.

Some would ask why now?

It is my belief that its always been thinner than we thought, it is just us as human beings that are evolving and awakening so much so that some of us are experiencing more and more unusual phenomenon.

Some of us are experiencing senses more open and more intense.

My personal experience has been just that,

Seeing spirits and orbs often in day light hours with sparkles in corners of rooms and wispy flashes of light swirling around in daylight.

I used to also just sense spirits rather than see them. Getting a mental impressions of what they look like, and being empathic I always feel their current emotional state but now I sense , see, feel, smell and hear them more intently that ever now.

It does seem without question that the veil is becoming thinner, people everywhere are beginning to report more and more spiritual accounts of the supernatural paranormal than ever before.

It is true that the veil to the spirit world is said to be thinner during the hours of 2am to 3am, mostly this is due to the quietness and calmness of that time of day and our minds, however it is more and more apparent that this time slot was just when some felt it more, its always been there, just some minds were more closed during the waking hours.

Those of us that have the ability to experience this phenomenon are growing in numbers also, the awakening is happening and many are coming together to share their experiences allowing us to help those that have questions and wish to connect.

Some ask me why they cant see spirits,

My answer is this..

They are just as busy in the spirit world as you and I are here. They can see us, but we cannot see them unless our eyes were opened..

Suddenly Feathers


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Ive been meaning to write about White Feathers , well not just white feathers but feathers in general.

Over the years I can remember significant periods in my life when they have appeared in the oddest locations and without a bird in sight.

What does it mean when feathers magically appear out of nowhere ?

A few days ago these lovely feathers appeared to me again, there I was going about my daily business to suddenly get two feathers appear at my feet, I might add these appeared inside and not outside of the property I work.

Small and tiny white and gray both fluttered around my feet dancing waiting for me to notice them, both appearing to me after a significant event that very morning,

literally within half an hour before the feathers arrival a friend arrived at work and informed me her cancer sadly has returned with vengeance, after 3 years of fighting, Chemotherapy and many others treatments it had finally paid its final visit and she told me that she has decided to let nature take its course and enjoy the life she has left.

It was during this sad news that the feathers arrived yet again to reminded me that the Spirit and Angels are closer than one can imagine.

My last memory of feathers appearing at my feet was back in 2008, when my daughter and I paid a visit to the Shotley Cemetery in Suffolk England during an investigation.


As we both walked in the cemetery that day we came across two relatively new burial headstones of two very young teenagers, both related, brother and sister that had passed away 2 years apart from each other.

It was such a sadness that came over us both, thoughts of such a loss that my daughter began to talk about the grave stones commemorating each teen, she was in her last year of high school at the time and was thinking of her fellow friends and students and how one must feel. One of the gravestones had musical notes surrounding a beautiful poem that my daughter read out loud and the other with tiny flowers and butterflies, we began to discuss how difficult it must have been and still be for the parents and family and friends during such a sad event.

Suddenly in pure daylight the sun shining and not a cloud in the sky, no wind and no birds seen that out of thin air two feathers floated softly over both grave stones and to my daughters feet as if to present a kiss.

Angels are spiritual beings with an incredibly high and light vibration who serve according to Divine will. Angels are the pure energy of love and light, and so while they’re always near us, their energy is so light and fine that from the density of the physical realm that it’s easy to overlook their presence or miss it entirely. So they send signs to let us know they’re near and offering their love, guidance and support.

That day and recently I believe that those appearing feathers, are the angels that are aligning them on our path at just the right time to offer validation, comfort, or a clue to answer a question you’ve asked, or encourage you that you’re on the right path.

For me, feathers are a beautiful reminder to pay attention..

When feathers appear Angels are near !

Dreaming in Angelic Numbers…Numerology


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Are you a dreamer.. I AM

Dreams always come and go but some stick to you like glue, no matter what you do.

Dreams are not just dreams, this is the time when you are silent in your mind, your energy is calm and your surroundings are not causing you to randomly think of things of irrelevance.

Your dream state is special time for you, a special time for all those lovely guiding Angelic beings to visit and provide messages.

Past loved ones visit us at that time also, telling us secrets, alerts, prophecies.

If your like me you dream alot, I dream constantly, sometimes in vivid color, sometimes in black and white, sometimes multiple dreams in one nights sleep and sometimes repetitive dreams.

The repetitive dreams are those that are some of the most interesting as well as my latest dreams.

Lately its been all about NUMBERS

Sequences of numbers, over and over again , night after night numbers have been showing themselves, all in different scenarios but numbers in sequence.

21999 60

21999 60

2199960 13.9 600



Of course my immediate thoughts of the lottery spring to mind as one would but NO

These are Angelic numbers my Angels are trying to get my attention and doing a very good job recently but


Of course I live in this realm, walking this earth and even with my Psychic abilities as they are I get side tracked, I have to deal as everyone else does with the normal drama of living life and sometimes I miss things.

Its during those missing signs and moments that I get these intense repetitive dreams, its like the Angels are saying

My goodness when will she get it !!

OK I get it now !

Thank you dearly..

What ever you do listen to them, its your Guardian Angels realm telling you something…its something important and should not be missed

Feeling Blessed !

Oh tip from the Angelic Realm..

Create a Dream Diary..

Its Amazing what you will learn..

There are no conicidences… UPcoming Investigation Georgetown California


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How strange it is to some people that things happen suddenly,  paths cross and it leaves you wondering wow just how did that all come about ..To me its one of those Ah Ha moments..

Just know that there are no coincidences , when its time its time, the day , minute , all the planets align..

Today was one of those times.. In walks a wonderful couple, out walks life long friends.

Who knows how long the connection has been readying itself for the paths to cross but they have and the like minded connect.

Such meetings don’t just happen , they are not planned but they guide you along your path to your next destination, teaching you more and allowing you to teach more.

Two such souls as I will call G and R for privacy reasons are guiding me onward ..

Georgetown California is calling..

Watch this space !

What the Tarot IS NOT….


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I felt that I needed to clarify a few things a little regarding one of the deviation tools I use as part of my connecting vibe to the paranormal..I do not use this as my sole connection but its part of me and mine…

When I tell people about using the Tarot, I have to honestly laugh about the faces I see.. Most have no idea really about what the Tarot means or does and literally think its like the Ouija Board..

So im here to inform and correct if I can..

Firstly the Tarot is NOT THE DEVIL

I have been using the Tarot as a tool of insight for more than 20 years, to help explain why Tarot is frightening for some — and why it shouldn’t be.

“Tarot is simply a tool for receiving messages from other dimensions,”It is not evil, harmful or tainted in any way. It’s a method to bring the information through with clarity and integrity.”

I am able to use Tarot to “hear” messages from the spirit, higher consciousness or universal consciousness (whatever you choose to label it).

“Some people have heard or developed a belief that Tarot comes from the devil or is likely to bring in dark energy, but none of this is true. “Tarot is only a tool, like a hammer, for bringing through information for the benefit of the questioner.”

But what if the information that comes through is something terrible you don’t want to hear? That’s the biggest fear for most when it comes to Tarot readings.

“The fear comes from being afraid that something horrific is going to show up, like a fatal disease, the death of a loved one, a divorce or breakup of some kind, or the ending of a job. “If people do receive this kind of information, what is truly fear-provoking is that they won’t be able to change it and that they are stuck with that particular outcome.”

However again that’s not true. The whole point of doing a Tarot reading is so you’ll have the insight and advice you need to change your life for the better. “People are afraid because they believe they are helpless to change some negative future outcomes, but nothing is farther from the truth. “While difficult potential futures do sometimes show up, Tarot is only to show the questioner what is most likely to happen so they have the opportunity to change it.

In my case I use the tarot as a way of allowing the spirits to show me things, to show me meanings and messages that they have tried desperately to convey to loved ones but have been unable to connect without.

The tarot is like life, there is good and bad in both..

I often tell people this, especially when newbie paranormal investigators tell me about bad spirits and how they don’t want to deal with them…

My answer is this..

Why would you think you can only have contact with good spirits when both bad and good exist in the living world, then of course your going to get the bad with the good in the afterlife, therefore choosing good over bad as in life sadly


You will come across them..

Many Tarot readings and Dreams Later !


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You may be thinking.. Wow its been a very long time since the last post…

Yes you would be right.. Life, Time, Living.. just takes time … don’t you think..

Well im back.. as the path has guided me back with renewed energy, back with updates and a reports of past and ongoing psychic events..

This post is about saying a reHi to my followers and new friends and thanking those that have come into my life in the last few months and those that have been here patiently waiting.

Thank you X

A huge thank you also to the universe and my forever protecting


that just seem to sit in the background waiting for me to get the full message…

I know right now they are all laughing to themselves and shouting WOW finally …

And so a new chapter begins….

Thank you kindly Shazz@thatspacebetween X

Voilà “Naturally David Farrant”

That Space Between:

For those that may have missed this interesting interview with the famous David Farrant..himself..
Highgate Vampire? Naturally I like :), I  was so lucky, I got to meet him and since have become a friend of he and his lovely wife.

I urge you to follow his writings and the like.. Enjoy it..
More writings coming soon, web site building for the launch of my “Psychic Practitioner” is taking longer than I thought, but trust the wait will be worth it.. Keeping you posted my friends:)
But for now a re-blog.. for that, that is worth it !

Originally posted on That Space Between:

During my travels working within “That Space Between” I have the most wonderful opportunities. I constantly come into contact with some very interesting phenomenonregarded as paranormal and at times and I am lucky enough to meet some really interesting people. This case happens to be one of those.

For a Paranormal Investigator as you can imagine, the day to day events or nights I should say, are NEVER ever the same. As every spirit is different therefore so is every individual, or beings very different. No two cases or investigations are alike in any way.

Ive often been asked what interests me most when seeking and investigating things that are a little different or not of our world ? My answer is,  “its clearly those that are of the unusual, way out there and very different that attract my attention for investigation and if it involves anything to do…

View original 5,549 more words

Reincarnation.. Do we come back ? Are we really who we think we are?


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Its my thoughts that YES we do, well some of us do anyhow…

Ever had the experience of déjà vu ? many have as well as myself experienced such a phenomenon.

Déjà vu.. the subject itself tells me that if everyone of us is reincarnated then we would have some recollections right? but what if our thoughts are that of past lives but we just don’t recognize it as that?

The concept of reincarnation offers an explanation for the differences among people—why some are healthy and others sickly, some are rich and others indigent. Reincarnation can explain why bad things happen to good people and why good things happen to bad people.
Dreams can be interpreted as remnants of a past life as well as it may explain the reason why child prodigies are so quick to exhibit and excel in their particular talent.

Reincarnation offers a possible explanation of why “history repeats itself”.

The most compelling reincarnation cases are those in which small children spontaneously remember past lives that can be factually verified.

Typically, in these cases, the child starts telling his or her parents about the past incarnation as soon as they learn to speak.

Theses memories can include their name in the past lifetime, as well as the names of their parents and family members from the prior incarnation. The child may also recall the name of the city or town that they lived in.

When the child provides detailed enough information, the parents or involved researchers are able to locate the past life family and introduce the child to this family. Often, the child will be able to identify these past life family members by name, individuals that the child has never met in their contemporary lifetime. The child can know information and secrets about their past lifetime that only members of the past life family are aware of.

Based on the child’s past life memories, the past life family will often accept the child as the reincarnation of their deceased loved one. Two key independently researched reincarnation cases of this kind, which also demonstrate physical resemblance from one lifetime to another, are provided below:

Hanan Monsour | Suzanne Ghanem

Rashid Khaddege | Daniel Jurdi

These two cases, cited above, were researched by the late Ian Stevenson, MD, a pioneer of reincarnation research, who was a Professor at the University of Virginia, in the Division of Perceptual Studies. In fact, Dr. Stevenson chose only to research cases involving children with spontaneous memories as he felt these cases were the most likely to be valid.

Another compelling reincarnation case involving past life memories in childhood is that of Anne Frank | Barbro Karlen.

Memories accessed in adulthood can be confounded by the adult reading historical information about the proposed past lifetime or era, which could taint the case. Dr. Stevenson did not trust information gained through past life regressions, as he felt subjects could fabricate or make up memories.

Though this is true, the case of Carroll Beckwith | Robert Snow, which was derived through a past life regression, is a convincing reincarnation case. The xenoglossy cases of Gretchen Gottlieb | Dolores Jay and Jensen Jacoby | T.E., researched by Ian Stevenson, MD, also emerged through hypnosis or past life regression.

Researchers at the University of Virginia, such as Jim Tucker, MD, continue to focus primarily on cases involving children with spontaneous memories. Reincarnation cases in aggragate provide proof of reincarnation and indeed, Dr. Jim Tucker has stated on US national television that sufficient evidence now exists to conclude that reincarnation exists. He did so when appearing in support of the James Huston, Jr. | James Leininger reincarnation case after it was aired on ABC Primetime.

Ideally, researchers should be involved in a case before the child is introduced to the past life family, so that the child’s reactions and identifications of past life family members can be witnessed objectively.

There also are cases in which children have partial memories, where the child does not provide enough information for the parents or researchers to identify the past life family. Additional memories or information may be accessed later in life, which can allow the individual to identify their past incarnation. Examples of cases of this sort are provided below:


One thing that we all must not feel is that we are all reincarnated .. this is not the case.. The cases of reincarnation is random and determined purely upon the choices of those having past..

A quick note on the video above however,  I don’t agree with the end of this documentary , especially the segment James 40min, why is it necessary to forget our past life of who you were?

lets face it, isn’t that the whole reason we arrived?

Just saying ! To let go.. maybe .. to accept, YES .. but not forget? surely that’s then forgetting the person that you are?

Because of the person you were and have been, all the experiences are what makes one who they are today .. Period ! Right ?

Thanks Shazz X

Full copyright Shazz@ThatSpacebetween©

Medical Sex & Murder A Paranormal Combination


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And so it is… Sunday has finally arrived and the first part of my day is to sit quietly and meditate reflecting on the past week: Coffee in hand of course.

Clearing my head this morning has been quite the difficult task, given the past week of activities.

Having just arrived from an extensive trip back from England this past Thursday my psychic mind has had a few stressors to say the least. However as soon as my feet touched US soil my mind has been on New Investigations and catching up with my like minded friends for all the Paranormal gossip, I must say there has been a haven of activity and ive got alot to catch up on.

I have already conducted two psychic circles this past week as well as a further investigation into the wonderful areas of Green Lawn Cemetery Columbus.

The area literally seems to call me everytime I get back here and radiates with a physically vibration every time I arrive and pay our friends a visit. The activity has no time constraints either, and bares no mind to make themselves know to me, be it day or night.

This visit was a mid afternoon visit, researching the grave yard for some plot names to verify the prior clairvoyant meeting with my friends at the very same location that I began last March 2012.

When thinking things through I feel in my mind that I am breaking some of my own personal ground here in regards to the metaphysicalphenomenon that is taking place at this location. For it is by far stronger than when I first arrived last year and now each time I arrive more and more is shown to me and each experience further expands my mind and educates me within that space between.

The afternoon was beautifully sunny and relatively warm, so much warmer than that of the coldness that I left behind in Europe. There was no wind and clear skys making the walk around the cemetery very calming and meditative. The peace and serenity of these types of old locations are by far some of the best places to reflect and calm the soul.

One area of the cemetery was of special interest to me, the grave of the notorious Dr.James Howard Snook of which his burial location was until recently keep a closly guarded secret for over some 75 years by the state of Ohio. Recently the location has been disclosed and visits can now be made, however not that I needed his location, as on my last visit during an overnight investigation of GreenLawn Cemetery, the very Dr. James Howard Snook himself led us directly to his resting place.

Before I go further, for anyone not aware of who Dr. James Howard Snook was I will provide a brief history:

Dr, James Howard Snook was born, 17 September 1879 in  West Lebanon, he became an athlete and veterinarian in Columbus Ohio.

He invented the snook hook a surgical instrument which is still used in the spaying of animals today. He also was a founding member of the Alpha Psi veterinary fraternity. Doctor James Howard Snook was living the good life. He was a professor of Veterinary Medicine at the Ohio State University, as well as being a horse surgeon. He had many successes in life: a devout wife, a child, two Olympic gold medals for pistol shooting, and the respect of the entire city of Columbus. Snook had a secret though, a forbidden love affair with OSU student Theora Hix.

The affair began in June of 1926 when Soon, then 46, offered Theora, 21, a ride back to her dorm room at Mack Hall one evening. Three weeks after they met, they became lovers. Early in their relationship, Snook and Hix often met at various locations around Columbus and would sometimes drive out to the country to have their relations. Between 1926 and 1929, Snook rented a rooming house at 24 Hubbard Avenue so he and Hix could have a more permanent meeting place. They would meet there as many as two to three times a week, usually between 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM.

Many thought of Theora as an innocent victim of an older man, but she was no angel. She was often moody and disagreeable stating to Snook that her other lover, Marion Myers, was sexually superior to Snook and gave her much more pleasure. She recommended that Snook study-up on sexual matters and referred him to several book. Snook complied. Clearly Hix wore the pants in the relationship, often making demands of the doctor and, at times, could be very cruel. Snook later stated that their relationship was purely sexual, neither loving the other. “We satisfied each other’s needs,” he later testified in court.

During the course of their relationship, Hix became frightened after a break-in at her dorm room. Snook gave her a Remington derringer for protection and the two often went to the New York Central shooting range on Fisher Road near McKinley Avenue to practice. It is in the weeds of that shooting range where the body of Theora Hix was discovered on June 16, 1929, by two 16-year-old boys. Her roommates, Beatrice and Alice Bustin, had filed a missing person report on Theora Hix earlier that day after she did not return home. They later identified Theora’s body. Theora’s roommates identified several of her “boyfriends,” but it was not until Mrs. Margaret Smalley, who rented the Hubbard Avenue love nest to Snook, identified him as the man who rented the home after seeing his photo in the newspaper. She stated that he rented the place as Howard Snook, saying that he was a salt salesman and Theora was his young wife.

Snook was later arrested and his trail gained national attention. The courtroom was packed everyday with curious people wanting to hear the seedy testimony first-hand. Some began to wait as early as 3:00 AM on the street in front of the courthouse for a good seat. During the trial, Snook testified that he and Hix drove to the Scioto Country Club to make love. Once they arrived, Hix determined that the spot was not suitable because she “would like to go someplace where I can scream.” Snook then drove his Ford coupe to the New York Central shooting range where they tried to have sex in the small car. They decided that it was unsatisfactory for both of them and Snook told Hix that he needed to leave to prepare a trip to his mother’s house out of town.

Snook then testified that Theora became very angry saying, “Damn your mother. I don’t care about your mother. Damn Mrs. Snook. I’m going to kill her and get her out of the way.” Snook continued to testify that Hix continued to threaten his family, even to go so far as killing his young daughter. The doctor then stated that Theora grabbed open his trousers and began to bite and pull at his private area so hard, he could not tolerate the pain. Snook said he grabbed the ball-peen hammer from his kit in the back of the car and hit her with it. When he freed himself from her grasp, Snook testified that Hix stated, “Damn you, I will kill you too.”

According to Snook, Theora then slid out of her car and began digging through her purse. Afraid that she was searching for her pistol, Snook struck her in the head several times with the ball-peen hammer until she fell to the ground. Snook’s story of cutting Hix’s neck varied. He first stated that he did not know how her neck had been cut open, but later said that he had cut her throat because he did not want to see her suffer. The cut across her jugular vein and carotid artery was so precise that only someone knowledgeable and experienced in anatomy could have made them.

The evidence was stacked against Snook as well. Theora’s blood was found inside his car, on the clothing he wore the night of the murder, on his ball-peen hammer, and on his pocket knife. Snook had attempted to clean the items, but the cleaning job apparently was not thorough enough. The details of the case were so lucid that its dirty details were removed from “complete” transcripts of the trials published in Columbus newspapers. persons under the age of 18 were not permitted in the courtroom. In fact, one author stated “If this trail had been a movie, it would have been a blockbuster.”

The trial lasted less than a month and on August 14, 1929, the jury returned a verdict of “guilty of murder in the first degree as he stands charged in the indictment,” after just 28 minutes of deliberation. Snook was sentenced to die in the Ohio Penitentiary’s electric chair. Just before his execution, Snook supposedly confessed to the warden that the murder had been premeditated. The warden stated that Shook had placed the hammer and knife in the car so they would be close at hand when the opportunity presented itself. The rendezvous at the shooting range had been his first opportunity for the murder, which he made look like the workings of a maniac. Snook described the murder as a “logical and inevitable conclusion to a ‘convenient arrangement.'” It is believed that the warden’s account of Snook’s full confession had been completely fabricated by the warden and that Snook’s signature was likely forged on the document. After several attempts by Snook to obtain a new trial or change the verdict to manslaughter or second degree murder, Snook was executed on February 28, 1930 in the electric chair at the Ohio Penitentiary. A short service was held at the King Avenue Methodist Church and he was given a private burial at Green Lawn Cemetery.

The story does not end here obviously. Now going back to the evening in March 2012. The investigation into GreenLawn Cemetery did not come to me without its problems.  Firstly I had to obtain permission from the plot directors of GreenLawn itself before I was allowed to even walk the grounds at night.

The size of GreenLawn founded in 1848 is a real problem in itself for any Paranormal Investigator, covering over 360 acres (1.5 km2) it contains nearly 150,000 interments, making it a huge undertaking during both day and night to access and getting lost even in daylight is a given.

There are gravestones everywhere, with crypts spanning the breadth of late-Victorian and turn-of-the-century architectural movements, including some styled in the Mesopotamian–Egyptian style favored during the burst of “Egyptian mania” enjoyed after Howard Carter‘s discovery of King Tut‘s tomb in 1922. Some of the largest family crypts that can be seen are those of the Hayden, Battelle, and Packard families. Also entombed here with their own private burial plots surrounding the central crypt is the Lazarus family, the patriarchal line that founded and ran the popular department store chains known as The F&R Lazarus & Company, The John Shillito Company, and Federated Department Stores.

There are specialized burial areas similar to those found in many other large cemeteries. Specifically, there is “Lullabye Land” where stillborns and infant deaths are laid to rest. Also here are six distinct areas for war veterans, each one a section dedicated to a specific American war and including the oldest section towards the western rear of the cemetery for Civil War veterans of Ohio infantry battalions. A famous monument is erected towards the westernmost boundary for the “Soldiers and Sailors” memorial movement.

The center building of the cemetery is the mausoleum and chapel. This building was originally erected in 1902, and then was subsequently added to with an additional wing and carillon bells in the 1960s. Here can be found intricate precious-stone mosaics on the walls and stained-glass windows commissioned by the Board of Trustees from the famous Tiffany glassworks studio.

Some notible people have found their resting place there:

To add to the scare factor, the Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry sits on the entrance of GreenLawn which houses some savory persons that are allowed leave with passes given daily.  So to fall upon a patient roaming the cemetery both day and night is not entirely unheard of along with the unsavory human factors of our society that find GreenLawn a haven at night for all kinds of unethical and unsaverable activity.

So the fear factor of a women walking around the grounds at night alone without your vehicle and given the barriers at the entrance are down at dusk not allowing car access makes it hard to escape, so using your car as shelter and a quick get away is by far, not an option.

The Investigation in 2012 was eventful but a little unnerving, along with many other feelings, emotions, noises, orbs and many spirits as well as the notorious Dr. Snook suddenly appearing and deciding to lead us and point out his resting place. However with much regret that suddenly the evening was called to an abrupt close as the City of Columbus Police Department showed up and advised us to leave due to a wanted person involved in their police chase was there running through the cemetery to make his escape from the local PD.

Dr. Snook I feel appeared to us back in 2012 briefly along side his grave site around 2am that evening before disappearing suddenly. I was completely unaware of his history at the time, then after he disolved in an instant turning the area colder than a refrigerator and turning myself and my fellow Investigator very core, colder than ice. Now one may very well say “Oh it was the guy the police was after”  it may well have been the wanted person running from the CPD that evening but if the person we saw standing next to Dr. James Howard Snooks grave site was literally in a suite and tie with his body seeming to be without legs then MAYBE ..hmmmm?

It is now March 2013 and im back and ready for a second investigation, the Investigation will be during the midnight to 3am hours and there will be more team members, this time I do not wish to be alone, even with my fellow investigator last time, the whole ambience of GreenLawn at night is clearly a very different animal than by day.

Watch this space.


“That Space Between”© Fully Copyrights Apply.

Landguard Fort Suffolk England. A Chalis of Paranormal


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My Recent Paranormal Investigation..

Suffolk UK’s well known
Landguard Fort.
Time holds many secrets and many ghosts, holding every event like a chalis waiting for someone to stir it up and pour it out, or in my case seek out..

I literally spent two hours after dark, just to see if I would witness the many paranormal stories and abnormalities talked about with this Great British Landmark that we owe so much to for protection of past invaders..

Lets say I found many awaiting communication and that deserves far more research and given a chance to talk…

Many thanks to a friend and local historian Brian for his kindness in providing me the key for a pre empt after dark visit…
Landguard Fort, Ill be back….Soon !.
Brief History :

Harwich Harbour UK, at the mouth of the River Orwell, has always been the best safe haven for large ships between the rivers Thames and Humber. The rivers Orwell, Stour and Deben stretch several miles inland and were ideal highways for trade and raiders. Landguard Fort dominated the navigable channel on the northern bank of the River Orwell, whilst the Redoubt at Harwich guarded the harbour entrance along with a large battery at Shotley.

There have been a number of fortifications built on Landguard Point over the years. In 1543 Henry VIII had two blockhouses built which rapidly deteriorated, so in 1552 the guns were returned to the Tower of London. In 1628, a new Fort was built of earth revetted with wood. It was square with a bastion on each corner. In 1666, under Charles II, repairs were completed and a brick wall constructed around the Fort. In 1667, during the second Dutch War, on the orders of Admiral de Ruyter, 1500 Dutch marines (musketeers, pikemen, sailors (as grenadiers) and small cannon) landed at Cottage Point (now Cobbolds Point) and under the command of Colonel Thomas Dolman (an English officer who had served with Cromwell and, like many professional soldiers, had changed sides) attacked the Fort from the landward side. The Duke of York and Albany’s Maritime Regiment of Foot, commanded by Captain Nathaniel Darell, repulsed the Dutch assault.

In 1717, a new brick Fort was constructed, but gave way to a new structure in 1744, when a new red brick Fort was built in the form of a pentagon, with a bastion at each corner. These walls remain today.

In 1871, the Fort was remodelled using yellow London bricks. All the internal accommodation buildings and the river facing battery, dating from 1780, were demolished. A seven gun casemate battery was constructed facing the river to house four 12.5 inch and three 10 inch Rifled Muzzle Loaded (RML) guns. Accommodation was in a semicircular block connected to the casemates to form an internal defensive position. The south east curtain wall facing the sea had one 12.5 inch and two 10 inch RML guns in casemates and the two land facing bastions with Barbette mounted 9 inch RML guns.

In 1878, a submarine mining establishment was constructed by excavating a test room within the thick walls of the Fort, building an observation room and adding a main building on the east side of the Fort – known as the Ravelin Block. Stores and barracks were later demolished and are now underneath Landguard Terminal (part of The Port of Felixstowe). In 1901, because the existing armament of the Fort became obsolete, new batteries were built in front of the Fort facing the sea and river. These were named Left, Right and Darell’s Batteries.

After the main guns were removed, and for most of the 20th century, the fort was used as barrack accommodation. In 1951 two of the old gun casemates were converted into a control room for ‘cold war’ use.

In 1956 the Coastal Artillery was disbanded and Landguard Fort no longer had a national military purpose. After 10 years of military neglect, the fort was sealed up and left to quietly disintegrate until the 1980’s when local interest was aroused. In 1997/8 the fort was structurally consolidated by English Heritage, into whose care it had been placed, and has been maintained and opened to the public on their behalf by the Landguard Fort Trust.

My short visit was not uneventful.. the night was crystal clear,cold and about 5C.

My investigation started at around 9.15pm.

I have been lucky enough to pass by Landguard Fort many times having recently lived within a 1/4 mile of its location, as anyone could tell you locally the Fort is a national treasure, she sits on the coldest ocean and overlooks the vast unknow as she keeps a watchful eye of the port of Felistowe and its coming and goings.

One could only imagine going back in time to the early 1588’s when the Spanish tried to take England. Thankfully because of Forts such as Languard, our british history was somewhat secured at the time.

The following photos are just a few taken with my Andriod while seeking out the Guard Room and a few underground areas in the time that I had, a brief 2 hours, making it clear that one does not need the Taj Mahal of camera equipment or all the bells and whistles of electronics to capture something strange for any investigation.

In fact I love capturing such without the so called needed equipment, it clearly tells me that its not what you have but what state your mind is and how open you are to the communications of spirit. The Paranormal loves to have someone try to communicate with, they have stories to tell and things to show us if we would only stop, listen and open ones energy field.

The evening started and ended with many a presence, noises, banging, smells, temperature changes, feelings to a playful deep mist that began following me from the communications room on the top tear of the Fort.

Over and over again, standing and waiting I tried to obtain photographs of this abnormality in the communications room as soon as I began to feel the presence, but due to the spirit/mist play time, it continually turning my Android off and blacking out our only flash light that we had with us, it made it especially difficult to capture anything. It even delighted in shutting the communications door on us in complete darkness with an attempt to disorientate us..

The evening progressed with this mist literally following us everywhere, swirling back and forth and playing catch me if you can and hide and seek. I had to laugh to myself a few times when my friend who claims to be a non believer in the Paranormal and that has been part of the Fort for over 30 years in a working capacity, began experiencing different temperatures and smells and seeing the mist suddenly form and move quickly and swirl around us before our eyes as we moved from room to room.

Given the feelings experienced and what was seen Im going back, will revisit this location again for a real OVERNIGHT investigation. This time with ample batteries, many flashlights and maybe my camera this time along with coffee..

However im not so sure I need any equipment, but will, if only to convince those non believers reading:)

See for yourself..

The Guard Room, Two Photographs taken directly after each other, the mist was not so quick this time to escape:)



Two Photographs that I cant explain in the shower room and the boiler room?




Quick Moving Orb?


No Orb


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