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For those that may have missed this interesting interview with the famous David Farrant..himself..
Highgate Vampire? Naturally I like :), I  was so lucky, I got to meet him and since have become a friend of he and his lovely wife.

I urge you to follow his writings and the like.. Enjoy it..
More writings coming soon, web site building for the launch of my “Psychic Practitioner” is taking longer than I thought, but trust the wait will be worth it.. Keeping you posted my friends:)
But for now a re-blog.. for that, that is worth it !

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During my travels working within “That Space Between” I have the most wonderful opportunities. I constantly come into contact with some very interesting phenomenonregarded as paranormal and at times and I am lucky enough to meet some really interesting people. This case happens to be one of those.

For a Paranormal Investigator as you can imagine, the day to day events or nights I should say, are NEVER ever the same. As every spirit is different therefore so is every individual, or beings very different. No two cases or investigations are alike in any way.

Ive often been asked what interests me most when seeking and investigating things that are a little different or not of our world ? My answer is,  “its clearly those that are of the unusual, way out there and very different that attract my attention for investigation and if it involves anything to do…

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Reincarnation.. Do we come back ? Are we really who we think we are?


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Its my thoughts that YES we do, well some of us do anyhow…

Ever had the experience of déjà vu ? many have as well as myself experienced such a phenomenon.

Déjà vu.. the subject itself tells me that if everyone of us is reincarnated then we would have some recollections right? but what if our thoughts are that of past lives but we just don’t recognize it as that?

The concept of reincarnation offers an explanation for the differences among people—why some are healthy and others sickly, some are rich and others indigent. Reincarnation can explain why bad things happen to good people and why good things happen to bad people.
Dreams can be interpreted as remnants of a past life as well as it may explain the reason why child prodigies are so quick to exhibit and excel in their particular talent.

Reincarnation offers a possible explanation of why “history repeats itself”.

The most compelling reincarnation cases are those in which small children spontaneously remember past lives that can be factually verified.

Typically, in these cases, the child starts telling his or her parents about the past incarnation as soon as they learn to speak.

Theses memories can include their name in the past lifetime, as well as the names of their parents and family members from the prior incarnation. The child may also recall the name of the city or town that they lived in.

When the child provides detailed enough information, the parents or involved researchers are able to locate the past life family and introduce the child to this family. Often, the child will be able to identify these past life family members by name, individuals that the child has never met in their contemporary lifetime. The child can know information and secrets about their past lifetime that only members of the past life family are aware of.

Based on the child’s past life memories, the past life family will often accept the child as the reincarnation of their deceased loved one. Two key independently researched reincarnation cases of this kind, which also demonstrate physical resemblance from one lifetime to another, are provided below:

Hanan Monsour | Suzanne Ghanem

Rashid Khaddege | Daniel Jurdi

These two cases, cited above, were researched by the late Ian Stevenson, MD, a pioneer of reincarnation research, who was a Professor at the University of Virginia, in the Division of Perceptual Studies. In fact, Dr. Stevenson chose only to research cases involving children with spontaneous memories as he felt these cases were the most likely to be valid.

Another compelling reincarnation case involving past life memories in childhood is that of Anne Frank | Barbro Karlen.

Memories accessed in adulthood can be confounded by the adult reading historical information about the proposed past lifetime or era, which could taint the case. Dr. Stevenson did not trust information gained through past life regressions, as he felt subjects could fabricate or make up memories.

Though this is true, the case of Carroll Beckwith | Robert Snow, which was derived through a past life regression, is a convincing reincarnation case. The xenoglossy cases of Gretchen Gottlieb | Dolores Jay and Jensen Jacoby | T.E., researched by Ian Stevenson, MD, also emerged through hypnosis or past life regression.

Researchers at the University of Virginia, such as Jim Tucker, MD, continue to focus primarily on cases involving children with spontaneous memories. Reincarnation cases in aggragate provide proof of reincarnation and indeed, Dr. Jim Tucker has stated on US national television that sufficient evidence now exists to conclude that reincarnation exists. He did so when appearing in support of the James Huston, Jr. | James Leininger reincarnation case after it was aired on ABC Primetime.

Ideally, researchers should be involved in a case before the child is introduced to the past life family, so that the child’s reactions and identifications of past life family members can be witnessed objectively.

There also are cases in which children have partial memories, where the child does not provide enough information for the parents or researchers to identify the past life family. Additional memories or information may be accessed later in life, which can allow the individual to identify their past incarnation. Examples of cases of this sort are provided below:


One thing that we all must not feel is that we are all reincarnated .. this is not the case.. The cases of reincarnation is random and determined purely upon the choices of those having past..

A quick note on the video above however,  I don’t agree with the end of this documentary , especially the segment James 40min, why is it necessary to forget our past life of who you were?

lets face it, isn’t that the whole reason we arrived?

Just saying ! To let go.. maybe .. to accept, YES .. but not forget? surely that’s then forgetting the person that you are?

Because of the person you were and have been, all the experiences are what makes one who they are today .. Period ! Right ?

Thanks Shazz X

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Medical Sex & Murder A Paranormal Combination


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And so it is… Sunday has finally arrived and the first part of my day is to sit quietly and meditate reflecting on the past week: Coffee in hand of course.

Clearing my head this morning has been quite the difficult task, given the past week of activities.

Having just arrived from an extensive trip back from England this past Thursday my psychic mind has had a few stressors to say the least. However as soon as my feet touched US soil my mind has been on New Investigations and catching up with my like minded friends for all the Paranormal gossip, I must say there has been a haven of activity and ive got alot to catch up on.

I have already conducted two psychic circles this past week as well as a further investigation into the wonderful areas of Green Lawn Cemetery Columbus.

The area literally seems to call me everytime I get back here and radiates with a physically vibration every time I arrive and pay our friends a visit. The activity has no time constraints either, and bares no mind to make themselves know to me, be it day or night.

This visit was a mid afternoon visit, researching the grave yard for some plot names to verify the prior clairvoyant meeting with my friends at the very same location that I began last March 2012.

When thinking things through I feel in my mind that I am breaking some of my own personal ground here in regards to the metaphysicalphenomenon that is taking place at this location. For it is by far stronger than when I first arrived last year and now each time I arrive more and more is shown to me and each experience further expands my mind and educates me within that space between.

The afternoon was beautifully sunny and relatively warm, so much warmer than that of the coldness that I left behind in Europe. There was no wind and clear skys making the walk around the cemetery very calming and meditative. The peace and serenity of these types of old locations are by far some of the best places to reflect and calm the soul.

One area of the cemetery was of special interest to me, the grave of the notorious Dr.James Howard Snook of which his burial location was until recently keep a closly guarded secret for over some 75 years by the state of Ohio. Recently the location has been disclosed and visits can now be made, however not that I needed his location, as on my last visit during an overnight investigation of GreenLawn Cemetery, the very Dr. James Howard Snook himself led us directly to his resting place.

Before I go further, for anyone not aware of who Dr. James Howard Snook was I will provide a brief history:

Dr, James Howard Snook was born, 17 September 1879 in  West Lebanon, he became an athlete and veterinarian in Columbus Ohio.

He invented the snook hook a surgical instrument which is still used in the spaying of animals today. He also was a founding member of the Alpha Psi veterinary fraternity. Doctor James Howard Snook was living the good life. He was a professor of Veterinary Medicine at the Ohio State University, as well as being a horse surgeon. He had many successes in life: a devout wife, a child, two Olympic gold medals for pistol shooting, and the respect of the entire city of Columbus. Snook had a secret though, a forbidden love affair with OSU student Theora Hix.

The affair began in June of 1926 when Soon, then 46, offered Theora, 21, a ride back to her dorm room at Mack Hall one evening. Three weeks after they met, they became lovers. Early in their relationship, Snook and Hix often met at various locations around Columbus and would sometimes drive out to the country to have their relations. Between 1926 and 1929, Snook rented a rooming house at 24 Hubbard Avenue so he and Hix could have a more permanent meeting place. They would meet there as many as two to three times a week, usually between 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM.

Many thought of Theora as an innocent victim of an older man, but she was no angel. She was often moody and disagreeable stating to Snook that her other lover, Marion Myers, was sexually superior to Snook and gave her much more pleasure. She recommended that Snook study-up on sexual matters and referred him to several book. Snook complied. Clearly Hix wore the pants in the relationship, often making demands of the doctor and, at times, could be very cruel. Snook later stated that their relationship was purely sexual, neither loving the other. “We satisfied each other’s needs,” he later testified in court.

During the course of their relationship, Hix became frightened after a break-in at her dorm room. Snook gave her a Remington derringer for protection and the two often went to the New York Central shooting range on Fisher Road near McKinley Avenue to practice. It is in the weeds of that shooting range where the body of Theora Hix was discovered on June 16, 1929, by two 16-year-old boys. Her roommates, Beatrice and Alice Bustin, had filed a missing person report on Theora Hix earlier that day after she did not return home. They later identified Theora’s body. Theora’s roommates identified several of her “boyfriends,” but it was not until Mrs. Margaret Smalley, who rented the Hubbard Avenue love nest to Snook, identified him as the man who rented the home after seeing his photo in the newspaper. She stated that he rented the place as Howard Snook, saying that he was a salt salesman and Theora was his young wife.

Snook was later arrested and his trail gained national attention. The courtroom was packed everyday with curious people wanting to hear the seedy testimony first-hand. Some began to wait as early as 3:00 AM on the street in front of the courthouse for a good seat. During the trial, Snook testified that he and Hix drove to the Scioto Country Club to make love. Once they arrived, Hix determined that the spot was not suitable because she “would like to go someplace where I can scream.” Snook then drove his Ford coupe to the New York Central shooting range where they tried to have sex in the small car. They decided that it was unsatisfactory for both of them and Snook told Hix that he needed to leave to prepare a trip to his mother’s house out of town.

Snook then testified that Theora became very angry saying, “Damn your mother. I don’t care about your mother. Damn Mrs. Snook. I’m going to kill her and get her out of the way.” Snook continued to testify that Hix continued to threaten his family, even to go so far as killing his young daughter. The doctor then stated that Theora grabbed open his trousers and began to bite and pull at his private area so hard, he could not tolerate the pain. Snook said he grabbed the ball-peen hammer from his kit in the back of the car and hit her with it. When he freed himself from her grasp, Snook testified that Hix stated, “Damn you, I will kill you too.”

According to Snook, Theora then slid out of her car and began digging through her purse. Afraid that she was searching for her pistol, Snook struck her in the head several times with the ball-peen hammer until she fell to the ground. Snook’s story of cutting Hix’s neck varied. He first stated that he did not know how her neck had been cut open, but later said that he had cut her throat because he did not want to see her suffer. The cut across her jugular vein and carotid artery was so precise that only someone knowledgeable and experienced in anatomy could have made them.

The evidence was stacked against Snook as well. Theora’s blood was found inside his car, on the clothing he wore the night of the murder, on his ball-peen hammer, and on his pocket knife. Snook had attempted to clean the items, but the cleaning job apparently was not thorough enough. The details of the case were so lucid that its dirty details were removed from “complete” transcripts of the trials published in Columbus newspapers. persons under the age of 18 were not permitted in the courtroom. In fact, one author stated “If this trail had been a movie, it would have been a blockbuster.”

The trial lasted less than a month and on August 14, 1929, the jury returned a verdict of “guilty of murder in the first degree as he stands charged in the indictment,” after just 28 minutes of deliberation. Snook was sentenced to die in the Ohio Penitentiary’s electric chair. Just before his execution, Snook supposedly confessed to the warden that the murder had been premeditated. The warden stated that Shook had placed the hammer and knife in the car so they would be close at hand when the opportunity presented itself. The rendezvous at the shooting range had been his first opportunity for the murder, which he made look like the workings of a maniac. Snook described the murder as a “logical and inevitable conclusion to a ‘convenient arrangement.'” It is believed that the warden’s account of Snook’s full confession had been completely fabricated by the warden and that Snook’s signature was likely forged on the document. After several attempts by Snook to obtain a new trial or change the verdict to manslaughter or second degree murder, Snook was executed on February 28, 1930 in the electric chair at the Ohio Penitentiary. A short service was held at the King Avenue Methodist Church and he was given a private burial at Green Lawn Cemetery.

The story does not end here obviously. Now going back to the evening in March 2012. The investigation into GreenLawn Cemetery did not come to me without its problems.  Firstly I had to obtain permission from the plot directors of GreenLawn itself before I was allowed to even walk the grounds at night.

The size of GreenLawn founded in 1848 is a real problem in itself for any Paranormal Investigator, covering over 360 acres (1.5 km2) it contains nearly 150,000 interments, making it a huge undertaking during both day and night to access and getting lost even in daylight is a given.

There are gravestones everywhere, with crypts spanning the breadth of late-Victorian and turn-of-the-century architectural movements, including some styled in the Mesopotamian–Egyptian style favored during the burst of “Egyptian mania” enjoyed after Howard Carter‘s discovery of King Tut‘s tomb in 1922. Some of the largest family crypts that can be seen are those of the Hayden, Battelle, and Packard families. Also entombed here with their own private burial plots surrounding the central crypt is the Lazarus family, the patriarchal line that founded and ran the popular department store chains known as The F&R Lazarus & Company, The John Shillito Company, and Federated Department Stores.

There are specialized burial areas similar to those found in many other large cemeteries. Specifically, there is “Lullabye Land” where stillborns and infant deaths are laid to rest. Also here are six distinct areas for war veterans, each one a section dedicated to a specific American war and including the oldest section towards the western rear of the cemetery for Civil War veterans of Ohio infantry battalions. A famous monument is erected towards the westernmost boundary for the “Soldiers and Sailors” memorial movement.

The center building of the cemetery is the mausoleum and chapel. This building was originally erected in 1902, and then was subsequently added to with an additional wing and carillon bells in the 1960s. Here can be found intricate precious-stone mosaics on the walls and stained-glass windows commissioned by the Board of Trustees from the famous Tiffany glassworks studio.

Some notible people have found their resting place there:

To add to the scare factor, the Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry sits on the entrance of GreenLawn which houses some savory persons that are allowed leave with passes given daily.  So to fall upon a patient roaming the cemetery both day and night is not entirely unheard of along with the unsavory human factors of our society that find GreenLawn a haven at night for all kinds of unethical and unsaverable activity.

So the fear factor of a women walking around the grounds at night alone without your vehicle and given the barriers at the entrance are down at dusk not allowing car access makes it hard to escape, so using your car as shelter and a quick get away is by far, not an option.

The Investigation in 2012 was eventful but a little unnerving, along with many other feelings, emotions, noises, orbs and many spirits as well as the notorious Dr. Snook suddenly appearing and deciding to lead us and point out his resting place. However with much regret that suddenly the evening was called to an abrupt close as the City of Columbus Police Department showed up and advised us to leave due to a wanted person involved in their police chase was there running through the cemetery to make his escape from the local PD.

Dr. Snook I feel appeared to us back in 2012 briefly along side his grave site around 2am that evening before disappearing suddenly. I was completely unaware of his history at the time, then after he disolved in an instant turning the area colder than a refrigerator and turning myself and my fellow Investigator very core, colder than ice. Now one may very well say “Oh it was the guy the police was after”  it may well have been the wanted person running from the CPD that evening but if the person we saw standing next to Dr. James Howard Snooks grave site was literally in a suite and tie with his body seeming to be without legs then MAYBE ..hmmmm?

It is now March 2013 and im back and ready for a second investigation, the Investigation will be during the midnight to 3am hours and there will be more team members, this time I do not wish to be alone, even with my fellow investigator last time, the whole ambience of GreenLawn at night is clearly a very different animal than by day.

Watch this space.


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Landguard Fort Suffolk England. A Chalis of Paranormal


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My Recent Paranormal Investigation..

Suffolk UK’s well known
Landguard Fort.
Time holds many secrets and many ghosts, holding every event like a chalis waiting for someone to stir it up and pour it out, or in my case seek out..

I literally spent two hours after dark, just to see if I would witness the many paranormal stories and abnormalities talked about with this Great British Landmark that we owe so much to for protection of past invaders..

Lets say I found many awaiting communication and that deserves far more research and given a chance to talk…

Many thanks to a friend and local historian Brian for his kindness in providing me the key for a pre empt after dark visit…
Landguard Fort, Ill be back….Soon !.
Brief History :

Harwich Harbour UK, at the mouth of the River Orwell, has always been the best safe haven for large ships between the rivers Thames and Humber. The rivers Orwell, Stour and Deben stretch several miles inland and were ideal highways for trade and raiders. Landguard Fort dominated the navigable channel on the northern bank of the River Orwell, whilst the Redoubt at Harwich guarded the harbour entrance along with a large battery at Shotley.

There have been a number of fortifications built on Landguard Point over the years. In 1543 Henry VIII had two blockhouses built which rapidly deteriorated, so in 1552 the guns were returned to the Tower of London. In 1628, a new Fort was built of earth revetted with wood. It was square with a bastion on each corner. In 1666, under Charles II, repairs were completed and a brick wall constructed around the Fort. In 1667, during the second Dutch War, on the orders of Admiral de Ruyter, 1500 Dutch marines (musketeers, pikemen, sailors (as grenadiers) and small cannon) landed at Cottage Point (now Cobbolds Point) and under the command of Colonel Thomas Dolman (an English officer who had served with Cromwell and, like many professional soldiers, had changed sides) attacked the Fort from the landward side. The Duke of York and Albany’s Maritime Regiment of Foot, commanded by Captain Nathaniel Darell, repulsed the Dutch assault.

In 1717, a new brick Fort was constructed, but gave way to a new structure in 1744, when a new red brick Fort was built in the form of a pentagon, with a bastion at each corner. These walls remain today.

In 1871, the Fort was remodelled using yellow London bricks. All the internal accommodation buildings and the river facing battery, dating from 1780, were demolished. A seven gun casemate battery was constructed facing the river to house four 12.5 inch and three 10 inch Rifled Muzzle Loaded (RML) guns. Accommodation was in a semicircular block connected to the casemates to form an internal defensive position. The south east curtain wall facing the sea had one 12.5 inch and two 10 inch RML guns in casemates and the two land facing bastions with Barbette mounted 9 inch RML guns.

In 1878, a submarine mining establishment was constructed by excavating a test room within the thick walls of the Fort, building an observation room and adding a main building on the east side of the Fort – known as the Ravelin Block. Stores and barracks were later demolished and are now underneath Landguard Terminal (part of The Port of Felixstowe). In 1901, because the existing armament of the Fort became obsolete, new batteries were built in front of the Fort facing the sea and river. These were named Left, Right and Darell’s Batteries.

After the main guns were removed, and for most of the 20th century, the fort was used as barrack accommodation. In 1951 two of the old gun casemates were converted into a control room for ‘cold war’ use.

In 1956 the Coastal Artillery was disbanded and Landguard Fort no longer had a national military purpose. After 10 years of military neglect, the fort was sealed up and left to quietly disintegrate until the 1980’s when local interest was aroused. In 1997/8 the fort was structurally consolidated by English Heritage, into whose care it had been placed, and has been maintained and opened to the public on their behalf by the Landguard Fort Trust.

My short visit was not uneventful.. the night was crystal clear,cold and about 5C.

My investigation started at around 9.15pm.

I have been lucky enough to pass by Landguard Fort many times having recently lived within a 1/4 mile of its location, as anyone could tell you locally the Fort is a national treasure, she sits on the coldest ocean and overlooks the vast unknow as she keeps a watchful eye of the port of Felistowe and its coming and goings.

One could only imagine going back in time to the early 1588’s when the Spanish tried to take England. Thankfully because of Forts such as Languard, our british history was somewhat secured at the time.

The following photos are just a few taken with my Andriod while seeking out the Guard Room and a few underground areas in the time that I had, a brief 2 hours, making it clear that one does not need the Taj Mahal of camera equipment or all the bells and whistles of electronics to capture something strange for any investigation.

In fact I love capturing such without the so called needed equipment, it clearly tells me that its not what you have but what state your mind is and how open you are to the communications of spirit. The Paranormal loves to have someone try to communicate with, they have stories to tell and things to show us if we would only stop, listen and open ones energy field.

The evening started and ended with many a presence, noises, banging, smells, temperature changes, feelings to a playful deep mist that began following me from the communications room on the top tear of the Fort.

Over and over again, standing and waiting I tried to obtain photographs of this abnormality in the communications room as soon as I began to feel the presence, but due to the spirit/mist play time, it continually turning my Android off and blacking out our only flash light that we had with us, it made it especially difficult to capture anything. It even delighted in shutting the communications door on us in complete darkness with an attempt to disorientate us..

The evening progressed with this mist literally following us everywhere, swirling back and forth and playing catch me if you can and hide and seek. I had to laugh to myself a few times when my friend who claims to be a non believer in the Paranormal and that has been part of the Fort for over 30 years in a working capacity, began experiencing different temperatures and smells and seeing the mist suddenly form and move quickly and swirl around us before our eyes as we moved from room to room.

Given the feelings experienced and what was seen Im going back, will revisit this location again for a real OVERNIGHT investigation. This time with ample batteries, many flashlights and maybe my camera this time along with coffee..

However im not so sure I need any equipment, but will, if only to convince those non believers reading:)

See for yourself..

The Guard Room, Two Photographs taken directly after each other, the mist was not so quick this time to escape:)



Two Photographs that I cant explain in the shower room and the boiler room?




Quick Moving Orb?


No Orb

You Cant Be Serious? We Are !


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Some ask me, How can I tell if someone is a serious Paranormal Investigator?
In truth is as with anything in life, there is the good, bad and everything in between, you just have to research, research and research some more.

Sadly the ratio of bad seems at times to far out-weight the good. Those looking to make a quick buck on your situation, taking advantage of you a vulnerable person in the name of a paranormal investigation is many. But there as with anything GOOD ones too.

Ive been in the business over 25 years and have honestly come across only a handful of groups /individuals that have in my opinion done an investigation for research rather than line their back pockets.

Sadly the money grabbers and Charlatan of this world have near enough destroyed the reputation of us REAL Paranormal Investigators.

However, there is hope for us good ones yet !

The world is in much need of a reality check and to bring some well earned realism and praise to those of us that are THE REAL DEAL..

Here im listing some things to check and to look out for in regards to choosing yourself a paranormal team/investigator should your need arise.

1: Check references, by that I mean ask around..

It is true honestly you cant really call next door and ask “did they find a ghost” can you, but you can research their work, read about where they have been recently and watch an investigation of theirs at work. Most investigators will have a record of their last investigation. If not then some form of documentation will be present.

Look for the Investigator or team that provides professionalism, time and effort listening to your needs, explanation of what they are going to do and that dont promise you things they cant provide.

2: Don’t part with any money, if anyone asks you for money before even asking you what the problem is then run the other way.

Most REAL investigators wont ask you for a dime, but will ask for any rights to documented material monitored that will include photography, EVP, video in the name of research.

Before anyone Investigator screams out at me “But what about my time , cost of travel to investigation, equipment costs ect ect ?”

I as the rest realize that working for FREE is extremely difficult for the best of us, so therefore one should offer travel/ petrol/gasoline compensation, food and refreshments for the investigation team or investigator.

I know many investigators that accept this in return for a REAL chance to perform a REAL investigation.
Simple as that ..

Shazz “That Space Between”

Love After Death.


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When Love Remains.

He entered the dimly lit room without making any noise that could wake her up. There was this conspicuous aroma that always reminded him of her faultless feel. 

He walked towards her side as she lay cuddled into her bed. Her silken body was amalgamating with the satin bedsheets and the calmness on her face spoke of her innocent dreams and benevolent desires.

There was a letter on the bedside table. There always was a letter. It had been thirty years since she had been writing him a letter on the first day of every month.

He took out the letter from the pink handmade envelope and slowly unfolded the letter. There was a soft ruffling of the paper. He looked at her. She was perfectly still, so at peace with herself.

He read the letter and kept both the letter and the envelope on the teak bedside table. He never used to keep it back inside the envelope.

There was a sudden screeching of car tyres outside which woke her up.

She turned and looked at the envelope. The letter was out.

She knew he had read it.

She went back to sleep – with a smile.

It had been thirty years….since her husband died…..and she had been writing a letter to him on the first day of every month.

Full copyright applies. Sept 2012

Burn Baby Burn !!


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What is a FIRE Ceremony ? Burning Bowl Ceremony ?

The Burning Bowl ceremony is a style of fire ceremony that has been a tradition  “This ritual provides a sacred way to release old, unwanted conditions or events in our lives and clears the way for new beginnings…It’s a very freeing experience..”

The Burning Bowl ceremony involves writing the negative conditions that you would like to release from your life on a piece of paper, the paper is then burned in the bowl, which turns your prayers to smoke and sends them to the Creator of Light. Its purpose is to release old patterns, beliefs or experiences, or anything that impedes you from realizing your true self. By sending the old unwanted conditions up to the Creator in the smoke, you clear the way for beginnings. Then you can focus your attention on what you would like to create in your life.

Write those intentions on paper, burn that paper, and send your prayers to the Creator.

Using the Burning to empower you and the Burning Bowl ceremony invites the conscious loving universe to the ceremony to assist you. It can focus on your enlightened heart to see what is truly in your way of living your best life. It helps you become still so that you can hear your authentic self and create intentions that are meaningful and filled with purpose.

There is a place where words are born of silence,

A place where the whispers of the heart arise.

Why the Burning Bowl Ceremony?

What effects you on your own journey?

Did you ever wonder just what it all means and how it has had such an impact on what you do or say?

I have, and it has been one interesting discovery for sure.

The cleansing of one’s self and experiences from past hurts has been eye opening to say the least.

In the past and some of us in the present we experienced so many challenges that has us look at our own integrity. Other issues came up for us to look at involving emotions, spiritual, mental, and physical needs that left many feeling overwhelmed.

Mine in itself has brought up anger, grief, jealousy and control issues. All the negative stuff that one is required to deal with from time to time. But whats it doing to us?  overall its bringing us to the point were we constantly Challenge ourselves to really look within and see just what we are all about. To see if we are getting “it.”

We all need a period of time that We can really go within and release and process those negative traits that ebbs away at our own integrity and our own empowerment.  When all this negative happens?  We react with fear rather than our own truth. Remember fear is untruth.

Do you get “it” yet?

“Those things that until now have driven our subconscious in such a way that we react out of fear rather than truth. It is what we gave ourselves because we knew no other way except that what we experienced was unpleasant, perhaps even hurt in some way, and so we gloss over the real issues and convinced ourselves that we have it all under control.”

When in fact all we have done is give that control over to someone else. We gave away our own empowerment. Thinking that they had more power and knowledge than what you already own on your own.

Are you getting “it” now??

The past has allowed all these issues to come forth, challenging us into releasing that which no longer serves the denseness of the physical body.

We are moving into the lightness of the 5th dimension and your physical body can not hold onto the weight of all those issues and challenges that have been part of your existence for so long.

As we step forward, we should have acknowledged what was and released it all to prepare for what is to come. Remember, that which you fear will be brought to you. If you do not recognize fear, it will pass you by. Walk in your truth and the vibration of your own integrity.

Do you get “it” yet?

Are you paying attention to what the universe gives you in order for you to touch into the “I am” presence within.

Pay attention to what is around you. Look for meanings that pop up as gifts from spirit. Words that are seen all the time in the media, in readings, and so many other ways that spirit can think of. But we are the ones not paying attention to what is being offered.

Empower the “I am” to see with an open heart with no judgments or conditions place upon you or by others,, as you walk a path of unconditional love.

As you move into this sacred space you will open your awareness to the spirits light within….you will get “it”

What a gift that would be…

How many times have you heard the following: So and so just do not get “it”, because if they did they would not act like such and such….

Now I am asking you this…do you get “it” now?

Think about what you are bringing to yourself at this present time.

Create in your world a more powerful expression of who you are and what you want to be.

Be who you truly are. Become who you are?

A bright light shining and honoring all who walk in this journey called life. For all that you touch and all that are touched by you, will have a lasting impression on the truth and the integrity that you carry within.

When you walk the spiritual path, you can only bring forth a light of unconditional love for all. No conditions, no expectations, and no judgments.

Just the honoring of that intelligence source within ,the empowering presence of the “I am” within.

Think of the power that is there.

Do you get it now?

Are you paying attention?

What does “it” mean to you?

   I = integrity
    T= truth

Can you open your heart to the unconditional love that is necessary in order to reach that level of awareness.

Do you get “it” now?

Or are you blocked by your own human emotions preventing you from sensing what it so close. How do you relate to those around you, your  lover, family, friends, co-workers or just strangers meeting for the first time in your journey through life?

What is “it” that keeps you bound to the emotional side of the human existence blocking all that is in you and around you?

Do you notice the everyday events happening in your world or only those that have a negative effect on your own emotion. Doubts, control , fears, judgments and conditions placed in your world by others or, all on your own.

How would you ever find “it” if you are so engrossed in taking on all these negative aspects of self doubt and low self esteem?

Open your heart and see the positive of you, others, and the gift of what life has given you. The power to be exactly who you are, the power to create exactly what you need–your connection with “it.”

Integrity – What is your integrity?
Is it based on what your needs are and what your ego requires? Or,can you walk a path with that aspect of self fully in control of your own destiny. Are you honest with self and all who come into contact with you and can you honor that intelligence presence within each person, with all of life and Mother earth.

That aspect of you, walking a path of integrity, within you, as you connect with all who enter upon your journey……truth in who you are and how you relate to that powerful presence of the “I am.” If you walk your talk, then be conscious of your everyday challenges with all, for it is then you will have a connection with truth. A connection that is more powerful than any false illusions created by your own needs of the personality.

How one chooses to view truth determines that truth….when the truth is found to be of drama, of unrest, then it must be so… When truth is of perfection, then it is perfection which is experienced. It is the expectation of truth that determines it. It is the limitation of those expectations which creates failure. In all eternity, in all of creation, each of you must know that you are the truth… you are not in any way except by your own perception separate from that which is the entirety of all being.”

You are not in any way different from anyone else except when you choose.

I use the Burning Bowl Ceremonies as a healing tool for many different reasons and I adapt it according to my needs.

Here are a few reasons to hold a  Burning Bowl Ceremony.

This ceremony can help with ending of negative things; releasing events we have an unhealthy attachment to, troubling world events, sadness, childhood trauma, accidents, or a loss.

The Ceremony

To Begin use any kind of a bowl that is safe for burning paper.  Always fill your bowl with rock salt or earth to stabilize the candle and give a safe place for the paper to burn to ashes.

Your ceremony can be held indoors or outdoors. If you have it indoors, consider fire safety as a priority.  Burn prayers one at a time and wait until the paper is mostly burned before the next burn.

Be prepared to dispose of the ashes appropriately after the ceremony. They will be mixed with the salt or the earth. I usually bury them, spread them or let the wind take them, after I am certain that the ashes are cold.

1. Place a candle in the center of your bowl. Fill your burning bowl with rock salt or earth to secure the candle.

2. Take a quiet moment to connect to your heart and write what they are leaving behind, their release declarations, on paper. All your negative issues, your past issues ones that hold hurtful memories and those you wish to forget on a piece of paper, it can be a page long or in my case pages long..book long if you so desire..

3.  Burn the paper with prayer, and send it to the Creator on the smoke.

4. Spread the ashes on the ground or bury them, and ask the earth to transform the ashes into nutrients for the earth. Thank the earth for receiving your prayers and what is no longer needed.

“The truth is you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed, you only have a few truths and that’s to recognize and  cherish those that love you and love back”


Shazz Raymond “That Space Between”© 2012

Spirit Communication A Natural Way


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As spiritual beings, each of us is intimately connected to the spirit real..

It’s a dimension from which we came and to which we will inevitability return.

It was not only our home before our first lifetime but; it was also our home between lifetimes. In each lifetime, our ties to the spirit realm, including our interaction with ministering guides, specialized helpers, guardian entities, and departed souls, offers both enlightenment and power.

Through our interactions with the spirit dimension, we all have constant access to its limitless powers, one just has to wish to access it. Being able to access this realm I have personally enriched my life and found solutions to everyday problems that exist in my earthly plane.

Some ask me, Is there a danger within the spirit world?  I am in sincere belief that there is no danger from demonic beings, or evil spirits as it were.

A piece of scientific experimentation done with the Athens State University regarding the afterlife conducted and confirmed that they could not find a shred of evidence attributing evil to the afterlife what so ever, the statement of contacting the afterlife will open up evil forces is both irrational and ill-founded.
Personal experience has found the afterlife dimension to be that of a benevolent, nurturing dimension with resources that are continually available to us throughout our lives.
Fears of Malevolent spirits, evil spirit manipulations, the wicked possessions can only inhibit the empowering rewards of interacting within the spirit realm.
Being fearful of the afterlife I feel can only hinder our research and understanding of our future development and our future destination.

As with myself as a medium, psychic therapist, healer and spirit release practitioner, yours as well as my own the best personal medium exists within our own selves and is an essential part of your own being.
When you connect to your medium force inside yourself you and I have access to the spiritual enlightenment that can help you with anything at that given moment.
While spiritual knowledge from any source is empowering , the spiritual power that is available to myself and you via our own inner medium is a raw spiritual power that unleashes our latent growth processes that will energize you with the capacity to realize your present potential while equipping you with totally new ones.

To interact with your own inner medium, I have found the most effective way for me is to do what is called an Activation Lift ,otherwise deep medication. This is attuning the core of your very own being. Closing your eyes and visualizing a bright white light  at the center of your being and letting that visualization expand and infuse your whole being, mind, body and spirit.

Being fearful of the unknown is truthfully that which holds you back.

“Your own imagination is your own worst enemy”


Who Are The Shadow People ?


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A most interesting and intriguing phenomena within the paranormal is that of the “Shadow People.” It seems as time moves on more and more stories and reports involving these mysterious beings, with being a subject of growing interest of research by investigators.

Stories about these strange entities and their natures vary from harmless, quiet and shy observers to malevolent and downright nasty creatures of mal-intent.

As with most things in the paranormal field, no one can say with any degree of certainty what these shadow beings are, however here are a few prevalent theories.

Shadow people have gained their nickname because they are most commonly observed or reported as having a human-like form. Unlike the typical descriptions of ghosts who are usually described as having human form, black dense in nature with discernible characteristics such as physical features, clothing and accessories, shadow people are said to be feature-less, (No Face)

Generally, they are described as appearing to have mass, though their natures seem to vary from simple two-dimensional shadows, to distorted three-dimensional forms.

Their movements are sometimes described as “unnatural” seeming to be very quick and disjointed. Sometimes they are said to move in slow motion, as if they were submerged in liquid, and then to suddenly move rapidly from one place to another within the room.

Again, some accounts differ even more widely and describe a completely black being with red eyes, a cloak, and a hat. This variation has become known as “the hat man”.

The Moth Man prophecy comes to mind.

Many witnesses describe feeling a strong presence or a sense of being watched, many times they will get a glimpse of ‘something dark’ out of the corner of their eye, they turn to look in the direction of the presence only to see it disappear into thin air, or flee right through a wall.

Sometimes they are reported as being childlike and playing games with witnesses. These seem to be curious and are also almost always seen through peripheral vision, when the witness turns to see them, rather than disappear through a wall or into thin air; they usually flee in a particular direction. Once while visiting my house, my sister reported chasing a small child around from room to room.

Sometime they are reported as to have physical contact with the living person, one report I have from close personal experience is that of a Shadow person appearing over the person in bed and physically slapping the person hard.

Many times people interpret the presence of shadow people as being ominous and equate experiences with shadow beings with feelings of dread, ill intent and pure evil. Sometimes these shadow beings seem to be curious about the people who are seeing them.

Theories surrounding the nature and origin of shadow people abound. Some believe that they are inter-dimensional beings which exist in a universe parallel to our own. Others suggest that they are demonic entities, or are observers from another place, some even suggest that they may be thought forms unconsciously created by negative psychic energy and related to a place or event in which extreme emotional or physical stress/trauma has taken place.

It is extremely hard not to notice the subconscious symbolism implied by these manifestations. In Jungian Psychology and Philosophy the shadow is associated with the hidden aspects of the conscious mind; it is an archetype of the secret, repressed area of human nature and behavior, perhaps that is why feelings of fear and malevolence often accompany interaction with these beings.

Possible Scientific Explanations:


Some of the conditions reported in shadow people experiences are similar to occurrences in episodes of sleep paralysis. Often times witnesses to shadow people have reported that the experiences occur just before falling asleep, or just after waking. Many times victims are in bed and report being ‘held down’ during visitations.

Physiologically, this could be the result of a condition called hypnagogic paralysis. The body naturally goes through a state of paralysis during REM sleep in order to keep us from acting out our dreams physically. A temporary and unsettling paralysis can occur when we are suddenly awakened from an REM state into an awake state, but the bodily paralysis is still occurring. This causes the person to be fully aware, but unable to move.

In addition, in this state the person is able to consciously perceive images from their subconscious mind. These hallucinations can be very real and can include some, or all sensory perceptions; the individual can experience taste, smell, auditory, tactile, and/or visual phenomena.

Hypnogogia is sometimes known as ‘the faces in the dark phenomenon’ because sufferers commonly report seeing faces while experiencing waking-sleep. Similar hypotheses have been put forward linking this condition to a number of other apparent paranormal experiences, including alien abductions.


In most instances, witnesses report seeing shadow people through their peripheral vision. This area of vision is linked to the area of the brain that is hard-wired to find familiar patterns, while providing less detail to the brain than center-forward vision does.

This can lead to a condition known as pareidolia, in which the brain incorrectly interprets random patterns of light/shadow or texture as being familiar patterns such as faces and human/animal forms such as seeing familiar forms in clouds. This pheonomenon is known as ‘matrixing’ by many paranormal investigators.

Electromagnetic Fields

Recently, it has been found that electro-magnetic fields can interfere with the functions of the temporal lobe; creating altered states of perception in which auditory and visual hallucinations can occur.

In recent studies researches have been able to recreate many of the experiences reported during paranormal encounters or hauntings under controlled conditions. Researchers have also documented correlations between naturally-occurring magnetic fields and areas where paranormal events have been reported.

As I often quotes, there is literlaly no way to definitively explain any of these reported occurrences in the paranormal field — yet. However, if we are ever to get to the root of these matters with investigation, and be able to one day discover what the nature of these experiences are, it is important for us to keep records of personal experiences and for those who are experiencing these things to come forward, so that we can have these stories to contrast against findings in the field.

As for the shadow people, maybe they are a figment of our imaginations, maybe they are something more… maybe they are the Gatekeepers of another alternative dimention.

“Investigation is paramount”


Our Body and Our Brains Die, BUT DO WE ?


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An interesting discovery and thought process comes to mind of a doctor I did some research on recently regarding his scientific studies and thoughts on the subject of LIFE after DEATH. Given my investigations into the Paranormal, I cannot tell you now often that one question turns up during my Paranormal Investigations.

I would like to share some findings and let you yourself be the judge.

Life after death

WHAT IS REALITY. The world is full of nearly unbelievable but true stories. Stories about karmic occurrences, life after death situations, predetermined destiny or coincidence and moments of intuition.

Those stories can be found in medical reports, newspapers, insurance reports, police documents and many other reliable sources. ‘What is Reality’ taps into this vast source of true documented stories and selects the most breathtaking. This written piece explores the universe to find out what lies between reality and the spiritual dimension.


Leon Huygen was born blind. On July 11th 1994 he was the victim of a burglary in his own house where he was shot in the head. He was pronounced dead by the first police officer to arrive at the scene of the crime, but the paramedics were able to resuscitate Leon Huygen.

Later on officer N.J. Engelwood and his fellow officer A. Liebermann reported that they had seen Mr. Leon Huygens float upwards and hover above his body for a while before disappearing through the ceiling.

Talking to the police himself Mr. Huygens could describe in every little detail what had happened in that room. He knew the exact number of people that had been there, knew exactly what they had looked like even what clothes they wore, yet he was still blind.


A lady Jeanette is surprisingly relaxed when she talks about the time she died and left her body.

“I do not want to die again in the near future because I still have too much to do,” she says. “But I have no fear of death.

“People see the pain and suffering of dying and equate that with death – but they’re not the same. Death is the progression of life.”

Jeanette , a 43-year-old student nurse from Eastbourne, had a near-death experience in 1979 when she was just 18-years-old. It was triggered when a blood clot in her leg broke up into seven pieces and clogged the main vessels in her lungs, starving her body of oxygen. The doctors were certain that she would die. She did – but then returned to tell the tale.

“The first thing I noticed was that the world changed,” says Jeanette , “The light became softer but clearer”. Suddenly there was no pain. All I could see was my body from the chest downwards and I noticed that the time was 9:00pm. I was not scared nor did I feel uneasy.

“In an instant I found myself looking at the ceiling. It was only a few inches away.

“I then went on a little journey around the ward and along the corridor to see what others were doing. One was writing on a notepad. It never occurred to me that I was dying. It was a lovely experience and very, very serene.”

Jeanette then began the journey that many others before her have reported – being drawn into a long dark tunnel suffused with light at the end.  “Everything went fuzzy,” she says. “I found myself being drawn into a tunnel shaped like a corkscrew, it was taking me down and down, further and further into the tunnel. Towards what seemed like a beautiful warm and welcoming glowing light at the bottom.

“All I wanted to do was reach the beautiful lights at the bottom. The longing was so powerful but so gentle. I knew I desperately wanted and had to be there. But then a voice shouted at me: ‘Come on, hey you, you silly old cow it’s not time yet!’

“I was suddenly like a slingshot returned back into my body – it’s all a little unclear as I lay there– all I can say is that I remember seeing the clock again and it was 9:20pm. The next thing I was aware of was waking up a few days later, surrounded by equipment and feeling terrible. Later on I realized that the voice I’d heard was my grandmother’s. She’d died when I was three years old.”

For decades near-death experiences like Jeanette’s have been written off as delusions by scientists and the mind itself s imagination. They are dismissed as no more than the last dying twitches the brain. Modern science has no place for mysticism and the paranormal. But now a groups of investigators are challenging the scientific establishment by launching a major study into near-death experiences. This in my mind will settle once and for all those questions  of whether there truly is life after death . Without a shadow of doubt I say of course there is.

“We now have the technology and scientific knowledge to begin exploring the ultimate question,” Most like I started off as a skeptic but having had been told of such experiences and having weighed up all the evidence I can find it is evidently clear that something is going on.

Speaking in the terms of “Life after Death” is not always possible when it comes to those in the  scientific field given that we cannot speak from an after death position. However there is now evidence that consciousness may carry on after clinical death.

Several scientific studies have suggested that the mind – or ‘soul’ – lives on after the body has died and the brain ceased to function. One study published in the prestigious Lancet medical journal found that one in ten cardiac arrest survivors experienced emotions, visions or lucid thoughts while they were clinically dead. In medical terms they were “flatliners” or unconscious with no signs of brain activity, pulse or breathing.

About one in four people who have a near-death experience also have a much more profound – and sometimes disturbing – experience such as watching doctors try and resuscitate their own bodies. These ‘out-of-body experiences’ often include seeing a bright lights, traveling down a tunnel, seeing their dead body from above, meeting deceased relatives and  then telling of those experiences and events that were taking place after they were declared dead, only to explain the very event to others after returned to living.

A most impossible occurrence you would think, given they were not there, dead in fact and unable to supposedly see or feel anything, due to their death. But how can they that experience such things come to explain what was happening those few minutes after death regarding, who said what and what was going on in the next room?  How is that possible?

Research in America has uncovered even more bizarre results. Blind people who underwent near-death experiences were able to see whilst they were ‘dead’ ?– even those who had been blind from birth. They did not experience perfect vision, often it was mostly out of focus or hazy vision they experienced, as if they were seeing the world for the first time through a thin mist. But the vision was sufficiently clear for them to watch doctors trying to resuscitate their clinically dead bodies.

A Doctor Sam Parnia having previously studied near-death experiences was published in the prestigious medical journal Resuscitation. His team rigorously interviewed 63 cardiac arrest patients and discovered that seven had memories of their brief period of ‘death’, although only four passed the Grayson scale, the strict medical criteria for assessing near-death experiences. These four recounted feelings of peace and joy, they lost awareness of their own bodies, time speeding up, they saw bright lights and seemingly entered another world, encountered a mystical being and faced a “point of no return”.

According to modern medicine all of these patients were effectively declared dead. Their brains had shut down and no thoughts or feelings were left possible. There was certainly no possibility of brain activity required for dreaming or hallucinating.

To rule out the possibility that near-death experiences resulted from hallucinations due to the brain had collapsed through lack of oxygen, Dr Parnia rigorously monitored the concentrations of vital gases in the patients’ blood. Crucially, none of those who underwent the experiences had low levels of oxygen.

He also ruled out claims that unusual combinations of drugs were to blame because the resuscitation procedure was the same in every case, regardless of whether they had a near-death experience or not.

Dr Parnia.  stated that “skeptics will always attack our work and I’m OK with that given “That’s how science progresses.

What is clear is that something profound is happening. To say that the mind – the thing that is ‘you’ – your ‘soul’ if you will – carries on after conventional science says it should have drifted into nothingness.” Is obviously not the case.

Dr Parnia states that every near-death experience is subtly different but that they all share eight or nine key features, whatever their nationality, culture or religion of the patient. These include intense feelings of calmness, traveling down a long dark tunnel, being drawn into an intense loving light, seeing their own dead body from above, and meeting long-deceased relatives and or friends. A few experience are of  where they are drawn, petrified, into a dark swirling well of bitterness, hatred and fear are often reported.

There are cultural differences in these experiences. Tribal people may report paddling in a canoe down a long dark river for three days towards the sun, for example, rather than floating down a tunnel towards the light. The experience, whatever the cultural differences, usually have a deep and long lasting effect. It often leaves behind a legacy of profound spirituality and removes the fear of death.

“The worst thing is coming back from the dead,” says one man who had a near-death experience following a cardiac arrest in 1991. “If dying is anything like the experience I had then it’s not a problem.

The person concerned was rushed to hospital in July 1991 following a heart attack. He survived the initial attack and within hours was chatting with his family at the bedside.

“I was talking to my wife and eldest boy when I felt a little pinch in my chest,” says the man “The next thing I knew I was traveling down a long corridor in a medieval looking house. I was astonished. It was very real and lucid. I thought to myself ‘what the hell’s going on?’.

“I came to a fork in the corridor and there I knew that I had to make a decision. One branch was a dark and longer corridor. The other was brightly lit and appeared friendly in some way, so I floated down that one.”

The man then found himself in a form of euphoria. He was in front of a beautifully laid landscape bordered with a waist-high white picket fence. He was instantly calmed and soothed by warm and beautiful translucent light.

He then became aware of his parents, who were behind the white fence, smiling broadly at him. Strangely, they were in their thirties appearing younger and despite the fact that they had both died in their seventies.

“I moved towards a gate in the fence but my father gave me a look that I knew meant ‘don’t come through the gate’, so I didn’t. No words passed between us. I then found myself moving backwards faster than I arrived through the corridor and that in itself was very disturbing.

“Green-grey gargoyle-like figures were staring at me from the roof,” the man said. “One, with a face like an evil goat, began to move towards me. All of the warmth and cosiness left and I was terrified. A moment later I saw the face of an angel – it was a nurse from the hospital. It turned out I’d had a cardiac arrest.”

Cardiac arrest survivors like this man are tailor-made for Dr Parnia’s study. Scientists know that within seconds of the heart stopping the brain has shut down completely. The patient is effectively dead and there is no chance of dreams or hallucinations mimicking a near-death experience.

As soon as a patient slips into a cardiac arrest, Dr Parnia’s team will move quickly into action. The first priority will be to get the patient’s heart beating again. Equipment being used during the resuscitation will have symbols placed on top of it in such a way that they can only be seen from above. Other symbols will be placed around the patient’s body.

Surviving patients will then be gently quizzed about their experiences when they regain consciousness. Those that claim to have left their bodies will be questioned in more detail to see if they can identify the symbols.

Dr Parnia has designed the experiments to be completely secure. He is only too aware that critics will tear his work apart if he leaves even the slightest doubt about the rigor of his team’s efforts and protects his credibility vigorously.  Even the exact experimental details are shrouded in secrecy.

“We can’t run the risk of prejudicing the experiment,” says Dr Parnia. “I won’t even know some of the details. We have a researcher who will be hiding the symbols on the equipment. Somebody else will be doing the interviews with the patients. It’s what’s known as a double-blind trial. It prevents scientists from unconsciously altering the results of their experiments.”

Other scientists acknowledge Dr Parnia’s formidable reputation and the care he takes over his experiments but are still skeptical about his aims.

A doctor who has herself had a near-death experience but since written it off as a delusion, says such experiences “probably result from random firings in the brain.”

“I think that people have near-death experiences not when they are flat lining but when they are drifting into or out of consciousness,” she says. “Having said that, I’m curious to know the results. If they are positive then they could change the world.”

Because of the implications of his work – and the potential for ridicule from his fellow scientists – Dr Parnia is being very cautious in the claims he is making for the study. He is not trying to prove that we all die and go anywhere. He is instead trying to find out whether the mind continues to function after the brain has effectively died, or at least ceased to function.

If the mind does continue after the brain has died then this will prove, by default, that the ‘soul’ is independent of the body. Dr Parnia will have proven that the mind – in essence, the soul – continues to live after the body has died.

“It comes back to the question of whether the mind or consciousness is produced by the brain,” says Dr Parnia. “If we can prove that the mind is produced by the brain then I don’t think that there is anything after we die. If the brain dies then we die. It’s final and irreversible.”

“If, on the contrary, the brain is like an intermediary which manifests the mind, like a television will act as an intermediary to manifest radio waves into a picture or a sound, then we should be able to show that the mind is still there after the brain is clinically dead. That will be a significant discovery.”

“There is no doubt in my mind that there’s life after death because I’ve seen the other side,” says As one lady stated “I don’t believe in a benevolent God. I’ve seen too much suffering for that but I’m very spiritual.

“I saw my daughter suffer for four years with cancer. She died when she was only 17. I know she has gone to a better place.”

Makes for some interesting reading doesn’t it ? ..Is there Life after Death?

In my experience I would say that’s a profound YES there is and many investigations into the Paranormal would also suggest YES.

HOW else are those that have passed communicating with me and many others?


I believe that there is a place for us after we leave this earth and it could very well be within “That Space Between”.

“For all those would be friends that will talk about me when ive left behind my physical body..Be careful what you say because I will hear and see you:)”

Shazz@ThatSpaceBetween© copyright 2012


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